Great Hāwera Schools

Hāwera has plenty of excellent schooling options, making the town’s emerging residential subdivision, Longview the perfect place for growing families to put down roots. Finding a home with good public schools nearby is a priority for many families, as well as couples who are planning for the future, and Hāwera has a lot to offer.

hawera primary

Early Childhood

There are more than 10 early childhood education and daycare centres to choose from in Hāwera.

One of the closest to the Longview subdivision is Koromiko Kindergarten, which is only a 2-minute drive or a 10-minute walk away. 

The early childhood education centre encourages children aged 2-6 to learn through play.

At Koromiko Kindergarten they are passionate that both our indoor and outdoor environments reflect aspects of Papatuanuku, mother earth, through the gifts of nature and natural resources. There is a focus on Education for Sustainability that incorporates the principles of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, through gardening, cooking, and caring for ourselves and the environment.

Other options in Hāwera: Best Start South Road, Hawera Kindergarten, Tawhiti Kindergarten, Kiwi Clubhouse Learning Centre, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Ngati Ruanui, Best Start Pacey Ave, Kidz Barn Kindergarten, Hawera Playcentre, Butterfly Buddies Childcare, Te Kōhanga Reo O Ngāti Ruanui

Primary & Intermediate Schools

Almost 300 students attend Turuturu  School, which aims for its students to experience a broad and full curriculum that develops their talents and motivates them to achieve. 

There is a focus on science, environmental sustainability, physical activity, the arts, and oral language. Students are supported by the principal, Richard Bradley, and teachers to become confident and articulate learners.

During the school year, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events including swimming, cross country running, athletics, netball, mini ball, rugby, soccer, and hockey to name a few. In addition, there is also the opportunity for students to be involved in music festival items, drama festivals, folk dance, speech, and all sorts of other cultural activities.

Just around the corner, Turuturu School is a very short 2-minute drive away from the Longview residential subdivision

Other options in Hāwera: Hawera Intermediate School, Hawera Christian School, St Joseph’s School, Tawhiti School, Hawera Primary School

hawera high

Hāwera High School

Hāwera High School provides a variety of academic, vocational, cultural and sporting opportunities to students. Ensuring a supportive environment that promotes opportunities to excel in academic pathways with a broad curriculum.

The high located on <>, caters to all Year 9 to 13 students in Hāwera. 

Established in 1901, the school has a rich history. Notable former students include All Black Ian Clarke, playwright Aroha Awarau, politician William Sheat and Silver Fern Adine Wilson. 

Now under the leadership of principal John Rohs, the school has about 700 students. 

Hawera High School offers a range of pathway options for students, including  English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Physical Education & Health, Te Reo Maori, Arts, and Technology.

Hawera High School sets high standards for students based on their values of honesty, achievement, well-being, excellence, respect, and attitude. Values that promote self-reflection and behaviour awareness, being considerate to others, and the environment, and being lifelong learners.

When it comes to sports, Hawera High School offers something for everyone. From the classic rugby, football, basketball, netball, hockey, cricket, and squash, the school has plenty of sporting options.

A New School

The date for the opening of South Taranaki’s new school has been set. Students from both Hāwera Intermediate and Hāwera High School will combine on the existing high school ground using their buildings and temporary classrooms at Bayly Park at the beginning of next year to form the new Year 7-13 school.

Eight classrooms will be relocated from Hāwera Intermediate School in September and October this year. Further additional teaching spaces will be added by the Ministry of Education. The new school will be home to 1000 students; the existing high school site will require redevelopment whilst still in use to deliver the full vision of one new school.

With all the benefits of living in a semi-rural town – including connected communities and peaceful living – combined with great schooling options, it’s easy to see why Longview sections are selling quickly.