Find out more about the vision for Longview

The vision for Longview is to create a well-connected community with a mix of lot sizes and house types including high amenity streets and open spaces. The first stage of the development spans across 27.5 hectares.

Longview will offer residents the best of both worlds, located on the northern edge of town and surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of clean, green South Taranaki. This will be a new sophisticated neighbourhood that combines the best features of Hāwera with modern master planning to build an integrated community, with 250 new homes. The community is designed to adapt to the needs of a diverse range of residents, with parks and green links that embrace the natural beauty of New Zealand.

Catering to varying budget and lifestyle needs, the wide range of home building options at Longview means there is something for everyone, from people wishing to purchase their first home, to those wanting to expand a family or downsize for convenience.

Longview will be a safe and desirable place to live, work, relax and visit.